Old Glory

"Old Glory" is a sing-along patriotic anthem that released March 5, 2021. This is a song we are proud to present that takes you through three stories intertwined into one that is all about making the sacrifice to sign up to serve your country and honoring the American flag (Old Glory). "Old Glory" is available for download on all streaming services and check out the music video!

Act Your Age

"Act Your Age" was released January 15th, 2021. Sailors in the old days talked of 'sirens' as beautiful women. Singers would lure them to sail their ships into the rocks... and this song rocks! These days this is commonly referred to as hanging out with women half our age, hence Act Your Age!

Way To Go

"Way To Go" is one of our newest singles released December 18th. "Way To Go" is an up-tempo country foot stomper that is all about love, loss due to screwing up and then getting on with life.

Hell To Pay

“Hell To Pay” is basically about addiction saddled with a midlife crisis. It involves reflecting on one’s life and getting pulled in many directions. With a devil in one ear and angel in the other it’s about figuring out which life’s path to take.

Friday Night

"Friday Night" was released August, 21st 2020. This song is all about friends gathering together to make each Friday night an ultimate party! We collaborated with our good friends at Anthem Publishing/Anthem Entertainment in Nashville with super songwriters Randy Montana (Luke Combs "Beer Never Broke My Heart") & Blake Chaffin (Brantley Gilbert, Rodney Atkins, Logan Mize). We have put our own Sinnerized spin on this song and will have a full music video release this fall.

Mine All Mine

"Mine All Mine" is our second single release that was produced by our friends at Loud Grackle Films. This song is about the reason we all were excited to play Rock n' Roll music at a young age, which to us was all about attracting girls. If you notice, in this video at the end we always end up with the girl who is mine all mine. 

This song is available on all streaming services!

Always Time For One More Beer

"Always Time For One More Beer" is our first single released and music video, which has been tracking well across the U.S. and Eastern Europe. The song is available for download on all streaming services.

This song is focused on the concept of everyone putting their differences aside and gathering to celebrate the universal language that is all about hanging out and drinking beer. No matter which side you are on, beer is the common denominator that brings us all together!


Behind the Scenes video of "Always Time For One More Beer"

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